"Drawings flow….these series Torsos, The Eternal Impression and The Summer of Cut Trees are but a small sampling of these large sequences."

"Frequently these series' expand to over 300-1,000 drawings.  And while I see each as an individual work, to be considered alone,  I find there is an imperative need to show the interconnectedness and breadth of the series. The difficult thing is to find a place large enough and daring enough to exhibit them." 

The Torsos drawings range in size from 2' to 5' tall.

Etching, ink, graphite, charcoal and various mediums, 11"h x 8"w, 2016

"The Summer of Cut Trees also has a working title called The Slave Trade.  It is an unfolding opera combining images and sound that address totalitarianism, fascism, politics and The Dark Age."

Ink on paper, 109 separate drawings, each 11"h x 15"w, 2016-present